Focus Group Facilitation

Focus Groups

A focus group is a small-group discussion guided by a trained leader. It is used to learn about opinions on a designated topic, and to guide future action. Focus groups help people learn more about employee, management, group, or community opinions and needs.

Focus Group Facilitation allows for organizations to get a check on the pulse of their staff and employees. You are able to learn about their attitudes, feelings, beliefs, experiences, and reactions about the climate of the organization. Diversity and Inclusion focus groups offer an opportunity to gather valuable information on issues and challenges facing diverse talent in an organization.

A focus group will allow you to gather employee feedback before you decide to launch training programs. Participating in the groups made the employees feel respected, it gave them a sense of belonging, they felt empowered, and it gave them a fair chance of processing their careers

  • You should conduct a survey:
    When you are considering the introduction of a new program or service.
  • When you want to ask questions that can’t easily be asked or answered on a written survey.
  • When you want to supplement the knowledge you can gain from written surveys.

Needs Assessment/Climate Surveys

Needs Assessment Surveys/Climate Surveys are also used to obtain feedback about the climate of your organization in an anonymous manner. The results of the survey then guide future action. Generally, the needs that are rated most important are the ones that get addressed. You should conduct a survey:

  • To learn more about what your group or community needs are. A good survey can supplement your own sharp-eyed observations and experiences. It can give you detailed information from a larger and more representative group of people than you could get from observation alone.
  • To get a more honest and objective description of needs, than people might tell you publicly.
  • To become aware of possible needs that you never saw as particularly important or that you never even knew existed.
  • To make sure any actions you eventually take or join in are in line with needs that are expressed by your employees.